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With the disastrous spreading of covid-19 virus sweeping fast causing death, destruction, destroying livelihood, rising unemployment to unprecedented level in most developed and developing in the whole world on its way companies worldwide are shocked and bewildered by the colossal losses of their business, investments and revenues.

In order to recover from the unanticipated losses, more and more companies all over the worldwide are motivated to take radical strategies to keep going their businesses. Some have closed down their businesses altogether, while others have laid off certain amount of employees or cut down a percentage of employees' wages to continue running the businesses.

A leap forward, some organizations courageously with total determination continued to carry on with their businesses by retaining their employees taking advantage of latest development of technology at the same time sustaining productivity, ensuring employee safety and complying with law and order.

An effective workforce planning well supported by technology is vital for any organization whatever the type of business they run to survive and thrive in an environment where social distancing is a supreme need. Social distancing at the workplace means having to significantly lessening the volume of staff on the premises.

Organizations gain myriad benefits by having their workforce working from home or working online such as that the employees do not need to travel to office premises, reduce workspace costs, lower electricity & water consumption, transportation, fuel, food, medications and optimum use of the technology.

Similarly employees or individuals working from home or online too gain a vast array advantages such as the independency to work on their own schedule, ability to work from any geographic location, to work for several organizations simultaneously, less interruptions, less meetings, less noise, high performance, increase in income, reduction of fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, travelling, parking fees, food and traffic jam etc., Most professionals have come to the conclusion that working from home increase productivity significantly due to the mere benefit of working independently.

At present, companies globally offer opportunities to skilled and non-skilled workers to work online from anywhere in the world. An individual could be an expert any given discipline or have diversified experience in several disciplines. As long as the individual is capable of delivering a successful project, these companies are willing to pay them attractively.

Although the Covid-19 virus could be the core reason for the emergence of a massive amount of trained professionals and other workforces worldwide to work online today at various occupations, the advantage of working from home have transformed and revolutionized lives on a global scale and it is sure to become the best pathway for everyone beyond 2020.